AK-47 (AutoFlowering)

AK-47 (AutoFlowering)


  • Easy to grow
  • Has a mellow and uplifting effect
  • Perfect for social or creative activities

Its name is based on a weapon, but the AK-47 autoflower strain is pleasantly mellow. Despite the misnomer, the Ak-47 autoflower strain of marijuana is both extremely well known and popular around the world. It has a wide variety of awards that reflect its popularity and quality.

It’s important to know what autoflowering means to fully appreciate the full advantage of growing this strain. In the wild, marijuana plants are photosensitive. That means that the plant’s transition from their vegetative phase into their flowering phase (when those delicious buds begin to develop) only when the amount of darkness at night (or the amount of sunlight during the day) changes with the fall season. The hours of uninterrupted darkness help the marijuana plant “know” that the weather will soon get cold, so it needs to start finishing up its harvest.

Autoflowering marijuana plants do not need the sun to begin the flowering phase. They will naturally transition after a certain amount of time, making them particularly useful for having a fast turnaround from germination to harvest, and they can be grown and harvested any time of year.


AK-47 (AutoFlowering): THE ONE HIT WONDER

  • Genetics: 40% indica, 35% sativa and 25% ruderalis
  • Parents: AK-47 x ruderalis
  • Flowering period: 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest
  • Height: 60-70cm
  • Yield: 425-475g/m²
  • THC: 15%

AK-47 is a cannabis classic and became widely popular because she is said to be a “one hit wonder”. This means, you take one toke and already are super high. This sought-after strain is still a staple where you can buy weed legally and for good reason. The original is a cross of Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani with a hard punch and very good yields that has won numerous awards over time.

Now, this incredible strain is available as an automatic version. Royal Queen Seeds are one of the breeders that crossed AK-47 with their best autoflowering genetics to create a cultivar that is as good as the original but faster. Yes, that’s the only real difference: AK-47 Auto is easier to grow and has a shortened life cycle.


The aroma is musky and sweet, like incense. Taste-wise, AK-47 Auto has a somehow spicy yet sweet flavour. Be sure to use fresh carbon filters because this strain is intensely odorous! Expect a strong but smooth and happy high from the trichome-laden buds of AK-47 Auto. You will feel active and uplifted but at the same time experience a soft body-stone. The effect is super potent yet balanced, just like the original.


AK-47 (AutoFlowering) can be grown almost everywhere – be it indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse. This strain doesn’t fail to deliver great results. After 3-4 weeks of vegetative growth, she starts to bloom and is ready for harvest after 9-10 weeks thanks to her autoflowering genes. The plant will develop big and dense flowers that are beautifully frosted with sparkling resin.

Indoors, the strain grows to a height of 60-70cm and produces 425-475g/m² of tasty bud. She gets slightly taller in an outdoor environment with 70-100cm. Under natural sunlight, AK-47 Auto is able to reward the grower with 110-160g/plant. In the right hands, this cultivar is a great performer.

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