Apple Fritter Strain


No matter what season, Apple Fritter buds can remind users of the sweet homemade and deep-fried morsels by the same name. From its trichome-coated glaze to its apple-like aroma, the Apple Fritter strain is a very potent and pungent treat. Its THC levels hover around the mid-20 percent mark, although, some flowers can contain up to 30 percent THC. This isn’t your grandmother’s apple fritter.

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Apple Fritter Strain

The Apple Fritter strain comes in the form of dark, olive green nugs with vibrant purple undertones. The nugs are spade-shaped typically and have fiery orange hairs throughout. The strain also has a coating of white crystal trichomes that give it a fairly frosty appearance.

The aroma of the strain speaks to its name. The bud gives off the scent of cakey vanilla and a fresh-baked apple pie. Underlying the vanilla is a nutty, herbal flavor that has some earthy qualities.


Furthermore, the strain’s dominant terpene is myrcene. Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis. The terp gives off the nutty, herbal flavor associated with the Apple Fritter. Myrcene is also known to lend cannabis strains potentially calming highs as well as greater potency. The terpene has medicinal benefits as well due to its anti-inflammatory properties as well as potentially pain-relieving effects.

Apple Fritter Experience

The flavor of Apple Fritter is a match to its delicious aroma. The inhale offers a super sweet apple flavor with notes of light vanilla. The exhale leaves behind a distinctly herbal aftertaste.

The high potency of the hybrid creates an experience that is potentially heavy in the body and light in the mind. Users may experience a potent body-high with a calming and uplifting cerebral high. Some users describe the strain as having “tingly” effects.

The relaxing properties of the strain make it a great option for rest and recovery. The high potency of these effects makes it a potential game-changer in treating health issues such as insomnia, chronic pain, depression, stress, and mood swings.

As far as recreational use, Apple Fritter may be a great option for pretty much any relaxing activity you can think of. Spend a day outside, hanging with friends, or eating your favorite food with this strain.


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