Blue Zushi NEW DROP


Cultivar: Blue Zushi

Who: The Ten Co.

Lineage: Zkittlez x Kush Mints 11

Stats: 34% Total Cannabinoids

Market: Regulated

Dispensary: Cana Harbor

Price: $70+ taxes



Ten Co. has been on my radar for quite some time, but batches of Zushi have been hit or miss for some people, so I wanted to hold out for the perfect entry point. When I heard that Ten Co. came out with some regulated market drops, I ran down to Cana Harbor with @zerofuxthecannabisconnoisseur to check it out. So is the massive hype warranted? Let’s crack open the pack and find out.

Fanastic art design, high quality mylar bag. Bud was recently packed. Love the packaging here. The little surfing sushi check all the kawaii boxes in my book. We’re off to a strong start.

Terp technicians will be delighted by Blue Zushi. The nose is fresh, lively, and packed with roadkill and citrus. The first aroma that jumps out is the wonderful blast of mixed citrus orchard. There’s grapefruit, tangerines, monk’s hand, lime, and lemon zest. A bit of fresh bark, too. Once these volatiles register, I start to pick up a strong, nutty death. It almost tapers towards cheese, but doesn’t quite go there. This is pretty unique. At last, there’s a bit of juniper berries that hit the air, but more similar to smelling someone’s breath after a night of gin cocktails. On the grind, there’s a cleansing dryer sheet on the backend, like a whole bunch of fresh, warm laundry has just landed on my face. Yet, I have to note that there is a light savory, umami quality underneath that I don’t find usually present in these types of crosses. Very interesting.

For a zkittlez cross, this bud is rather attractive, as the KM11 delivers that touch of icy frost that it’s known for. Most excellent. I’m tremendously impressed with the cure and humidity for a recreational drop – this is on point. Trim and manicure are just fine, no errors to note.


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