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Blueberry, also known as “Berry Blue,” is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Purple Thai with Thai. A true A-List cannabis strain, Blueberry’s legendary status soared to new heights after claiming the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best indica. The long history of the strain goes back to the late 1970s when American breeder DJ Short was working with a variety of exotic landrace strains. However, throughout the decades of Blueberry’s cultivation, the genetics have been passed around, due in large part to DJ Short working with multiple seed banks and breeders. The sweet flavors of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting sense of euphoria. Many consumers utilize the effects of Blueberry to help contend with pain and stress, while connoisseurs and growers admire the strain for its colorful hues and high THC content.

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his skunky yet fruity indica-dominant hybrid leaves an indulging, sweet aftertaste on the palate once consumed. Like its name suggests, Blueberry has a delicious taste and aroma of ripe blueberries. It’s known for its beautiful hues of purples and indigos, with patches of white trichomes covering its calyxes surrounded with golden hairs.

Blueberry’s parent strains are a cross between the indica Afghani and two sativas of Thai and Purple Thai. It first emerged in the late 1970s and is the brainchild of the breeder DJ Short. Becoming quite popular all over the world, Blueberry has been recognized for its potent effects by winning the High Times 2000 Cannabis Cup for Best Indica.

This potent strain is known to boast average THC levels at around 20%. Its high is known to last up to 3-4 hours while placing you in a sedative state, meaning you will get comfy and not want to move. Consumers of this strain have said mood definitely improves, allowing negativities to disappear as both body and mind slip into a peaceful euphoria. Reviewers have also noted it can be pretty difficult to hold conversations and be social when using this strain, so ensure you’ll be in a comfortable environment after consuming Blueberry.

Common terpenes found in Blueberry include Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha Humulene, Alpha Pinene, and Beta Myrcene. With a flowering time of about 8 weeks, this strain is recommended to be grown outdoors.


Don’t be fooled by the sweet taste and elusive name that the Blueberry strain encompasses. If consumed in a relaxed setting, the heavy body buzz can convert into a therapeutic calmness. Blueberry allows users to unwind after a long day or week of work. Prepare for an experience with a long-lasting sense of euphoria, where you’re bound to get a serious tingling sensation throughout your fingers and toes.

Blueberry’s Effects Include:

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Giggly
  • Euphoric

Blueberry Medical Benefits:

Due to its potent effects, Blueberry takes on almost narcotic-like properties. This is ideal for those looking to treat conditions such as:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Nerve Damage
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Stress

Please keep in mind the few side effects that consumers of Blueberry have experienced:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dizziness


Also known as Berry Blue, this Indica-hybrid was bred by crossing Purple Thai and Thai together in the early 1970s. The long history of the strain starts with the American breeder DJ Short, as he was working with a copious amount of exotic landrace strains. Through the eras, the cultivation of Blueberry’s genetics has been passed around by DJ Short as he continues to work with various breeders and seedbanks.

Where to Buy the Blueberry Strain:

Find Blueberry at your local dispensary near you. Strains similar to Blueberry include White Rhino, Granddaddy Purple, and Tangie.


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