Cherry Pie Hybrid Strain


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Cherry Pie is a potent hybrid strain created from the crossing of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison. This strain is a 60:40 indica leaning strain and successfully synthesized the best traits of its parents. It is known for its delicious fruity flavor and balanced, cerebral effects profile. Cherry Pie, also known as Cherry Kush, has an average THC percentage of 20, but has been measured to contain up to 26 percent. There’s no doubts about the appeal of this strain: no wonder it’s been a dispensary staple for so long!


The Cherry Pie high begins with a slow onset of relaxation, with a sensation of pressure behind the eyes being widely reported. As you begin to feel this strain settle in, you can expect a slow progression of muscle relaxation and a sense of mental stillness. Although you may feel much calmer, this strain doesn’t tend to lead to couch-lock and can be a pleasant addition to any part of your day. As the experience goes on, you’ll be able to start feeling its more sativa-derived effects, in the form of shifts in sensory perception. You may notice that colors and lights become a bit brighter and more enjoyable to check out, with many users reporting that music becomes significantly nicer to listen to. Cherry Pie draws the user into a deep contemplative state, so prepare to sit back and ponder the intricacies of your own mind and the outside world.

Appearance and Flavor

Since this strain is indica dominant, it tends to grow like a traditional indica in that each plant is relatively short and bushy. The buds themselves are dense and olive green, with some dark purple streaks depending on how it was grown. Each nug has a high resin content and is coated in a layer of frosty white trichomes. When Cherry Pie is cured properly, you’ll notice an overwhelmingly – you guessed it – cherry aroma. When broken down, you can expect a fruity smell to fill the room with dank and hashy undertones. When smoked, a sweet and fruity flavor will grace your palate, with its more earthy and herbal notes coming through upon the exhale.

Medical Benefits

Because it is an indica heavy hybrid, Cherry Pie is able to treat both physical and mental conditions. It has anti inflammatory properties, as well as the ability to lessen chronic pain stemming from a wide variety of conditions. Patients suffering from migraines, fibromyalgia, and many other ailments can find relief in this strain. For those who have difficulties directing their attention towards one task, Cherry Kush allows for them to enter a calm environment in which they can remain focused on a task for the time being. Psychologically, Cherry Pie is very helpful to those with anxiety or chronic stress. It relaxes both the body and the mind, helping create a peaceful and safe environment devoid of worry and negativity. As the high goes on, you’ll be able to feel any negative emotions and mental patterns begin to dissolve, being replaced with a hazy sense of serenity. This strain can also really help those with PTSD to feel safe and mentally calm, and also those with depression to have their spirits lifted for awhile.


Cherry Pie plants grow to be a medium size and prefer to be cultivated indoors. When grown outdoors, this strain needs a warm Mediterranean environment and plenty of sunshine. It is generally an easy strain to grow, given its high resistence to mold and pests. Its yields are average, and its flowering period is approximately 8 to 9 weeks, with harvest time occurring naturally in late October. If you grow outdoors, you can expect about 14 ounces of sweet, fruity bud per plant. When grown indoors, the yields tend to be around 16 ounces per square meter, so slightly higher than outdoor yields. Overall, this strain is well suited to growers of any level, with your hard work paying off in a decent supply of delicious bud!


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