Chocolate Chunk


Marijuana Strain Name: Chocolate Chunk
Score: 7/10
Type: Indica
Content on Label: THCA 23.21% | THC .35%

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Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate Chunk is a potent Indica that promises a toasty, dessert-like smell and a powerful physical high. This potent sedative is not for use during the day, but more suited to lazy evenings with no need to leave the sofa. Its buds have the typical density expected of Indica strains, with highly visible amber trichomes to tempt any cannabis-loving patient.

These dank, earthy buds are highly sought after by patients in California. However, it can be a mite acrid on the throat, eyes, and sinuses when smoked, but it has a delightful nutty chocolate aftertaste. Chocolate Chunk will not help you get any work done, though, making it important for patients to refrain from consuming this strain if they have a busy agenda ahead.

Why Patients Use Chocolate Chunk ?

This strain is ideal for anyone in need of sleep. It is sufficiently sedating to quieten even the jumpiest nerve. This highly effective painkiller also acts as a deep muscle relaxant, and it will keep you resting and still post- surgery or -illness. Stress is impossible on Chocolate Chunk, which melts patients into their couches and removes all thoughts of the outside world. This strain is best for nighttime use.

Medical Uses of Chocolate Chunk

Chronic Pain
Muscle Spasms
Multiple Sclerosis

Side Effects of Chocolate Chunk

Cotton Mouth
Dry Eyes


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