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What is a dank vape pen

Dank vape pens are portable vaporizers that are used to vape oils. The pen is a product of a dank vape company owned by Dankwoods. This is the information that you can find on their official Instagram page. Still, there is no much information about the company and its products. The company is known for having a wide variety of oil cartridge flavors, and now they have a pen that will assist in using the carts.

Many people have seen how good the dank vape pens perform, but the number of fake pens raises the alarm. The issue has harmed the general performance of the company, and they are losing credibility and trustworthiness.

Features of the dank vape pen

  • Prefilled cartridges that have a 510 threading connection
  • The pen comes with a powerful 650mAh battery cell
  • The outside material of the pen is stainless steel material with various colored finishes
  • The cartridges hold a maximum of 1ml liquid capacity
  • The pen uses a one-button control system for easy usage
  • You can easily replace the cartridges when you run out of liquid or when you need to try a new flavor
  • The pen has a USB charging port that allows you to recharge your vape pen when it runs out of charge
  • It has a quality coil system that is good for burning up the oils for quality vape production

From the pen’s appearance, you can see that the pen is a lightweight device and is a good cylindrical pen. The device is usually short and only extends in height when you attach the cartridge to it. The pen weighs less than 80mg, and the height stands at 13 centimeters when the cartridges are mounted on it.

The pen holds a tank with a capacity of 1ml, and this is one feature that makes it an attractive pen. The pen could have been bigger than many vape pens in the market, but the design is just perfect. When compared to similar pens such as the ROVE, the pen is cheaper and more reliable.

Such qualities make the pen portable and quite efficient. However, the stainless steel exterior would have been much better if it used a rubber casing to avoid accidental slips and indentations when it drops.

The cartridges are made from glass and plastic materials, making them somewhat long-lasting. The glass windows allow you to track the oil levels you are running on and the plastic mouthpiece mounted on it is easy to remove. The click function button is very effective when it comes to making the pen easy to use.

How to use the dank vape pen

To start using the dank vape pen, you need to take out the attached top cover from the battery and insert your cartridge into the now exposed coils. The single button will be used to activate the pen by clicking on it five times. Once the pen is active, press the firing button to activate the coils to release vapor.

The firing button feature is necessary, especially when it needs to shut down your pen when not in use. Go for more than five minutes without using the pen. It will automatically switch off to preserve your battery. This feature is responsible for prolonging your battery life.

The pen uses proprietary cartridges, and it may be tough to find quality cools that will fit the battery. However, you also have to understand that using the original pen charging unit aims to ensure your battery life is well preserved.


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