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Headband is an oddity among cannabis strains. Sure, it’s a relaxing hybrid that leans indica-dominant, but it sure causes an interesting sensation on your head. The strain earned its name because it tends to make you feel like you’re wearing a headband. Though this sounds odd, the experience is quite pleasant. Many turn to this strain for headaches and migraine relief.

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Considered to be one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world, Headband is a power-packing, 85% indica dominant hybrid with great medicinal potential. Credited to the breeders at Reserva Privada, this strain was made from crossing Sour Diesel with OG Kush, producing a highly potent offspring with THC content between 22% and 27%. Also known as “Sour Kush,” the “Headband” name was popularly adopted due to users’ reports of feeling pressure around their temples, reminiscent of wearing “a headband.” The sensation was explained as the dilation of facial blood vessels under the effects of THC. In addition to the short, stretched, and fast-flowering indica-dominant phenotype, Headband has a second variant that is tall, long, and slow to flower. This is because despite the predominantly indica-like effects, the heterozygosity of Headband’s genetics has yielded progeny that closer-resembles its sativa ancestry.

Consistent with general expectations of a heavy indica, Headband induces a cloudy, unfocused and spaced-out mental state that dulls one’s cognitive abilities. The sedative effects diminish reflexes as much as they lower motivation, make one’s body feel weighted down, and bring about complete muscular relaxation. This couch-locked form is ideal for sedentary activity such as watching movies or reading, as well as for getting through mindless tasks that don’t require concentration. Should the “mood” strike, the THC inspired sense of disconnection from one’s own limbs actually heightens sensitivity to touch, increases physical pleasure, and makes Headband a potential aphrodisiac with which to enhance love-making.

Medical cannabis patients can utilize Headband’s euphoric and sedating properties to manage anxiety, lower stress, relieve pain, and help with migraines. If used at night, it can be highly effective at dealing with sleep disorders and chemotherapy patients have found it helpful with appetite stimulation. It is important to note that there is a lengthy delay in the onset of Headband’s slowly mounting effects, and some reports have indicated that they require over 20 minutes to fully set in. In addition to mindful dosing, it is wise consider that dizziness, red eyes and dry mouth are likely to accompany the Headband high and last for a duration that is longer than average.

Despite its small’ish, nugget-like buds, Headband has major “bag appeal.” The leaves are pale green in color, but variances in breeding practices can lead to the presence of purple, a byproduct of a pigment that’s responsive to cold temperatures during flowering. Large, fat and sticky trichomes frost the buds so generously that this strain is an easy choice for extraction or production of THC concentrates. To go along with its look, Headband has a pungent aroma. Dominated by a tangy, lemony smell, it is accented with earthy flavors like pine and skunk. When combusted, Headband produces a gentle smoke that is smooth, creamy, and delicious.

Among its numerous accolades, Headband can boast of winning 1st place for “Best Hybrid” at the 2013 Northern California Cannabis Cup. If that were not enough, the strain is highly resistant to mold, disease, and temperature fluctuations, making it a favorite among growers. Combined with having a heavy yield, such favorable characteristics mean that this strain is likely to be available at local dispensaries all over the world.

For anyone interested in trying out Headband, note that this strain is considered to be the “original” Headband genotype and should not be confused with the 707 variety.


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