K.I.N.D Kaps THC



Kind Caps are made with organic coconut oil that has been infused with whole-plant cannabis material.

The AM/PM Kind Caps are a variety pack with half Sativa and half Indica capsules for those who like the best of both worlds. Whether you want a nice uplifting high, or something more relaxing, this bottle has it all. Color-coded tops make it easy to know which is which – Blue Indica caps and Green Sativa caps.

Kind Caps are sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free, which makes our Kind Caps great for people with food allergies, restricted diets due to medical conditions (such a diabetes, Celiac, etc.), or those who are being mindful of what they are putting into their bodies.

Our Kind Cap AM/PM 2 pack capsules are 30mg THC per capsule and have 60mg THC per package.

Our pure plant CBD is very effective with: immune-boosting, as a mood-stabilizer, or in treating chronic conditions, injuries, surgeries.

CBD is very effective in treating specific health issues such as seizures/epilepsy, IBS, cancer, etc.

Sativa Kind Caps are for people who desire an uplifting experience. Sativa Kind Caps often inspire creative focus, productivity, and can help relieve pain.

Our Sativa Kind Cap 10 packs are 30mg THC per capsule and have 300mg THC per package.


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