OG Kush (Feminized)

OG Kush (Feminized)


  • Produces a high yield
  • Perfect for growing indoors
  • Delivers a heavy rush of euphoric energy

The OG Kush strain is often pricier than others because it says in high-demand. This best-selling strain is a mixture of strong effects and an unmistakable spicy pine, herbal flavors. You’re guaranteed a powerful buzz that even the most seasoned bud smoker will enjoy. Many contribute this to its very high THC levels of up to 19%.

OG Kush is a certified stress-crusher. It elevates your mood with a heavy euphoria. It’s a blend of 75% indica and 25% sativa. This strain contains 0.30% CBD, making it a very effective medical marijuana. Patients use it to successfully treat ADD, ADHD, migraines, different types of stress disorders and various other ailments.

This strain is moderately easy to grow in hot, tropical climates. It has a low resistance to disease and bugs and has a hard time resisting powdery mildew. So, it’s easier to grow indoors, as outdoor growing requires optimizing the environment accordingly. OG Kush seeds produce short, compact plants, with average yields and short flowering periods.


OG Kush has its origins in the United States. It’s a species that has been developed in northern California. Meanwhile, the variety isn’t only known in the USA, but also in the rest of the world. The OG Kush name has been made which isn’t very surprising when you know what this strain has to offer besides the great yields and the ease of cultivation. Getting curious? Read on, because we believe the OG Kush feminized seeds are certainly an interesting choice.

OG Kush seeds

OG kush feminized seeds grow in to sturdy and robust plants. During the growth phase the plant will stretch slightly and become quickly fuller during the flowering period. The tops of the OG Kush plants are large and thick, have light green colors and are covered with a thick layer of resin from which wonderful aromas come from.

Flowering time

Because of its limited size and compact stature, the OG Kush strain is a great plant to grow indoors. For example when space is limited. The flowering time takes about 8-9 weeks so from seed to harvest it takes about 12 – 16 weeks when grown indoors. With an outdoor grow the cycle runs up to October.


When cultivated the OG Kush seeds grow into adult plants with a maximum height between 90 cm to 160 cm. With the right nutrients and care the harvest can reach up to 65 grams of dry weed per plant (425 – 475 gram per m2). Outdoors the yields can reach up to 475 – 550 gram per m2.

Description: taste, smell and effects of OG Kush weed strain

OG kush is one of the strongest types of weed and has a THC amount of over 20%. The effect of the buds can therefore strike like a bomb. During consumption you will mainly experience the characteristics of a Sativa while the Indica genetics are dominant. Physically, the effects are as strong as they are spiritual. Personally we find this weed especially pleasant after a day of hard working. Mainly because this strain can result in the so called “couch lock”. However, are you an experienced smoker? Then this variety will certainly become one of your favorites.

OG kush weed is not only known for its powerful mental effects and physical high, but also for its pronounced aromas that are clearly evident in the smell and taste. These aromas and flavors can be described as clammy, sweet, sour and especially citrus or lemon-like. While your taste buds shoot in all directions, the odor will mainly remind you of cleaning agents and fuel.

The mystery surrounding the OG Kush

It is not known where the original genetics come from. Some people say that OG Kush is a special genetics of the ChemDawg while other people claim that OG Kush is a mix of Lemon Thai, ChemDawg and a Pakistani Kush. In addition, there is often a discussion about the meaning of OG. There are people who claim that this means Original Gangster. However, most people agree that it stands for Ocean Grown. Mainly because of its origins. Besides all these discussions, everyone agrees to the high quality of these OG Kush seeds.

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Specifications OG Kush feminized seeds

THC level 20%
CBD level 0.5%
Variety 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Genetics ChemDawg x Pakistani x Lemon Thai
Max yield indoor 425 to 475 grams/m2
Max yield outdoor 500 to 550 grams/m2
Height indoor 90 to 160 cm
Height outdoor 160 to 200 cm
Flowering time 56 to 63 days
Fungal Resistance Medium
Growersprofile Moderate
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Polar, Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Earthy, Herbal, Lemon, Spicy, Woody, Kush
Effects Euphoric, Hungry, Talkative, Uplifting
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