Punch Bars Malt Balls


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California-based Punch Edibles launched its first chocolate bar in 2013. Designed as a tasty alternative to high-calorie edibles, Punch Edibles created its original low-calorie, high potency chocolate line specifically for health-minded individuals in the wellness and fitness communities.

Most edible brands cater to the novice user, but Punch Edibles provides an alternative for the “true consumer.” Punch offered options for patients seeking higher THC content without smoking. A product for those who have a high tolerance. In keeping with the brand name, their chocolate bars are heavyweights packing a big punch in each square.

Punch’s First Ever THC Infused Malt Balls

Eight years after launching its original product, Punch introduces a new line of classic childhood candy with a grown-up twist. Unlike anything else on the California market, cannabis-infused Malt Balls from Punch contain a memorably crunchy, malty center that is paired wonderfully with a creamy, chocolaty coating. The entire experience brings us back to our childhood.


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