Pure Vape Carts



Categories: Vapes, Cartridges, 510 threading
Type: Hybrid
Make-up: THC Only
License: 404R-00196 | Iss: CO | Type: Recreational Manufacturing
License: 404-00499 | Iss: CO | Type: Medical Manufacturing


PURE Vape Cartridge with refined cannabinoids. Fully activated and refined at a molecular level to ensure both purity & consistency. Free of plant by-products & cutting agents.

Distillate this refined cant be paired with just any hardware. The ceramic technology used in our vaporizer cartridges is second to none – yielding consistent flavor & vapor production with every draw. The CSC cartridges are free of any cutting agents such as PG, PEG, VG & MCT.

Typical potency: 88-98% Cannabinoids

*All CSC vapes are certified to be free of heavy metals*


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