Purple Haze Sativa strains


THC: 25.97%
THC-A: 28.299%
CBG-A: 0.417%
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Purple Haze


This could be one of the most recognizable strains in the world thanks to Jimi Hendrix’s hit song, “Purple Haze.” After you smoke this one, you’ll know why it was named after the famous rock song. Purple Haze’s Sativa dominant genetics will give you an amazing head high that may even spill over into the realm of psychedelic trippiness.


Most Sativa strains test right around 13.5% THC. Purple Haze ranges anywhere from 13% to 20% THC. The potency of the specific buds you get your hands on will play a key role in how intense your high ends up being.


This one’s all about the brain. Expect some distinctive and powerful cerebral highs after consuming Purple Haze. You’ll definitely feel euphoric, energized, uplifted, and creative. And if you use some potent flower, or you go for a bigger dose, you may also experience some trippy psychedelic effects as well. Either way, you’ll find yourself floating sky high after just a few puffs on this top shelf cannabis strain.

Scent & Flavor

Purple Haze has an earthy smell with notes of sweetness. That same profile carries over into the taste of the smoke, which also takes on a slight berry flavor.

Negative Effects

Sometimes the head highs produced by Purple Haze can get a little out of hand. When that happens, users may feel anxious, dizzy, or paranoid. Some people end up getting headaches as well. But for the most part, be prepared for the usual side effects of dry mouth and dry eyes.


The heavy Sativa effects of this strain make it a good choice for afternoon or evening use. Use Purple Haze when you need a little boost of creative inspiration and energy. Because it’s so uplifting it’s also great for hanging out with friends. As far as medicine goes, Haze can help people who are trying to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Some people also have good results using it to treat lack of appetite and fatigue.


Strictly speaking, Purple Haze is the baby of Haze and Purple Thai. At this point, though, there are a bunch of different strains that are all marketed and sold under the name “Purple Haze.”

Some versions of Purple Haze are made by cross breeding Haze with some sort of unknown Indica strains. Others are variations of Haze that have been bred or grown to produce purplish phenotypes. One way or another, the thing they all have in common is that they come from the Haze strain.


After planting a Purple Haze plant expect to see flowers appear around the 8 to 9-week mark. When buds start showing up, they’ll usually start taking on some breathtaking hues of purple and lavender. Most plants will grow fairly tall, and they’re usually best suited for outdoor cultivation.


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