Raw Pre-Rolled Paper Tip

Raw Pre-Rolled Paper Tip


These RAW Paper Tips come pre-rolled to save you time. Just place a tip into the end of any joint or blunt to prevent soggy ends and maximizes usage of your product. RAW offers a natural alternative to other paper tips.


Raw Pre-Rolled Paper Tip is natural and unrefined and work great for the smoker who wants to roll up fast and easy. These tips are constructed for perfect airflow while keeping the material in the roll and away from one’s mouth. There is absolutely no chemical bleaching or chlorine in these tips, so you can rest assured your smoke is safe. Don’t mess around with ripping off business cards and magazines; the chemicals and ink can release dangerous toxins when heated from the smoke and ember. RAW Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Tips, let’s roll!

Raw Pre-Rolled Paper Tip is the most convenient way to quickly roll up on the go. Designed for amazing filtration and perfect airflow, these pre-rolled tips are completely unrefined and natural — that means NO chemical bleaching or chlorine. Quit tearing off business cards and rolling paper packs!

Unbleached natural heavyweight paper is not just lying around your house everywhere. Save yourself the trouble of smoking dyed paper or dirty cardboard by getting this little box of fashioned tips. These tips are small and the same diameter down their length. They work best in long hand-rolled joints but do okay as a cone filter as well.

Raw Pre-Rolled Paper Tip Specs:

  • Raw prerolled paper tips
  • Length: 0.5in
  • Includes 21 pre-rolled filter tips
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