Sativa Protab (Level)



Power through to-do lists and extra-long hikes with the energizing effects of our extra-strength Sativa Protab. Each swallowable tablet contains 25 mg of THC and takes effect in 30–90 minutes, with a duration of 2–4 hours. Should you want to consume a lighter dose, they’re scored so you can easily split one in half.

The Sativa ProTab is an orally consumed concentrate tablet that contains 25 mg of THC per tablet. Extra strength and fast-acting, the Sativa ProTab is infused with steam distilled sativa terpenes to stimulate your mind and body. The ProTab is scored and easily split in two for an even more precise dosage. Each package contains 10 ProTabs, 250 mg in total. Vegan and gluten-free. 250mg.


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