Sour Diesel Sativa strains


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Sour Diesel, also recognized as “Sour D” or “Sour Deez,” is a Sativa-dominant strains with a 90:10 ratio.  The origins of Sour Diesel are a hot topic among marijuana enthusiasts. It’s known that Chemdawg is a parent, but its other parent is an unknown sativa. Regardless of what’s known about Sour Diesel’s lineage, one thing is certain: this strain hits! Loved by recreational and medical patients alike, Sour Diesel provides a vibrant and stimulating high.


Sour Diesel is not for the faint of heart. Its reputation has grown as a result of its high THC content and mind-blowing cerebral high. This strain can contain up to 26% THC, so treat it with caution if you’re a new user or one with a low tolerance. This strain is comparable to most traditional sativas, beginning with a powerful head rush. You will begin to feel euphoric, energetic, and more apt to socialization. Due to the psychedelic nature of Sour Diesel’s high, you will find yourself inclined to introspection or deep conversations with others. This strain provides relaxation without the couch-lock, making it ideal for exploring, relaxing at home, and a wide range of other activities. Many report an inclination to start new projects or pursue creative tasks, due to how this strain affects the mind. Because of how energizing it can be, Sour Diesel is recommended as a daytime strain!

Flavor and Appearance

Like most sativa dominant strains, Sour Diesel Plants grow to be fairly tall, so if you’re looking to grow it indoors be sure to take this into account. Its buds are long and conical, light green in color, and covered with rust colored pistils. Since this strain is so potent, you’ll be able to instantly notice a layer of yellow tinted trichomes all across the surface of each bud. In terms of smell, Sour Diesel emits an intense aroma of gas, herb, and sour citrus. This strain is incredibly pungent, so if you’re looking to hide your consumption, you’re going to face some difficulties! The bud itself has a strong herbal flavor profile, with a distinct aftertaste of lemon and diesel, hence it’s name.

Medical Benefits

Although this strain is significantly heavier in its sativa content, it’s effective in treating both mental and physical conditions. Most medical patients choose this strain to help alleviate stress and anxiety. As the high creeps in, waves of euphoria will wash away any stress and negativity that the user may be experiencing. For this reason, it’s also helpful to those with depression or mood disorders. It has just enough indica to provide a sense of relaxation, but also a boost of energy. Say goodbye to fatigue: Sour Diesel will help you get ready for your day and start to cross tasks off of your to-do list. For those looking for day-time pain relief, this strain can effectively numb pain without the “heaviness” that an indica dominant strain may impose upon the user. Overall, it’s no wonder why Sour Diesel is such a staple in the medical marijuana community.


Sour Diesel seeds need to be grown in carefully regulated environmental conditions, so it may not be the best strain for inexperienced growers. If you’re looking to grow outdoors, be aware that the seeds a need semi-humid Mediterranean climate that ranges from 72°C to 80°F during the day. Also to be noted, this strain is incredibly pungent, so you’re going to need a proper ventilation system if you choose to grow indoors. This isn’t a strain you can grow in secret! As mentioned previously, Sour Diesel plants grow to be remarkably tall, which is why a lot of people choose to cultivate their seeds in an outdoor setting. Once you have your setup complete, prepare for a 9-10 week flowering period, which happens in November as opposed to a more common October range. Sour Diesel yields about 18 ounces per square meter indoors or 25 ounces per plant when grown outdoors!


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