Strawberry Diesel


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Strawberry Diesel, also known as Strawberry D, is a very potent true hybrid, developed when NYC Diesel was introduced to a Strawberry Cough. Even though THC levels of SD are rather high – 27%, the CBD level of 0% makes it not very useful for treating severe medical conditions. Despite that, this versatile strain is prevalent and loved by users for its ability to relax muscles while giving you an energizing lucid sensation.

The buds of Strawberry Diesel are medium size with abundant dark orange hair covered with white crystal trichomes. SD has a phenomenal terpenoid profile. Strong fruity scent with earthy tones perfectly complements the robust diesel-like taste of this strain with sweet strawberry notes. There are many reasons why this strain is so loved. First of all, it’s very versatile, well balanced, and provides an enjoyable experience. It’s known to give an energizing clear-headed high while relaxing the muscles. It could be used comfortably both daytime and nighttime. Boosts creativity and improves focus and drive. Be cautious if you are new to cannabis intake, this strain is fast-acting and potent. Despite a low level of CBD, Strawberry Diesel is known to provide exceptional support to individuals with anxiety and high levels of stress resulting in relaxing euphoria. It helps people struggling with depression to manage unwanted feelings. Relieves body aches and migraines by deep muscle relaxation and quick onset. Stimulates appetite for people with eating disorders. It is known to help to manage PTSD, ADD, and ADHD. It provides relief for nausea, as well. Some of the most common side effects are severe cottonmouth and dry eyes; however, if taken more than one can handle, it may also result in paranoia and dizziness.


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