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Over the past year, we worked day and night in developing a cartridge and battery that optimized the THC vaping experience. Our hardware is constructed with food-grade stainless steel and glass. We don’t use any plastic because the material will disperse itself on a molecular level in the THC oil, resulting in contamination over time. Our battery output is programmed to work in complete harmony with our cartridge to deliver performance that’s out of this world! One of our most attractive features is the adjustable airflow system, where the user can tune the amount of airflow that’s going through the cartridge depending on personal preference, but there’s so much more.

Supherb is a lifestyle brand dedicated to revolutionizing the cannabis industry with a pioneering approach that
combines state of the art technology with a user-friendly airflow adjustment to provide a luxurious vaping experience. All that power and a system that focuses on adjustable air filtration and not the heat source which eliminates overheating, potency issues, while preserving the flavor you desire. When you combine the battery, with the lab tested, artisanal blended cannabis cartridges, you will experience a Supherb vaping experience. All products are tested by Encore Labs and accompanied by a holographic sticker so you can be sure that you are getting that Supherb quality you deserve. Buy Supherb Carts Online.


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