TKO’s Toffee bars


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TKO’s Milk Chocolate Toffee bars are a decadent way to enjoy an edible with the classic combo of crunchy toffee pieces and creamy milk chocolate. These bars can be divided into nine squares for those requiring a gradual dosing of this 315mg THC infused cannabis treat.

What does TKO stand for? It stands for Technical Knock Out, which is what you’ll get from Organa’s TKO Bar.

This Chocolate Bar is jam packed with THC 525mg for the bar OR 87.5 mg per a piece. Perfect for those who need a high dose edible and in a discreet form!
Hand made in Organas kitchen, made with only the highest quality ingredients; organic cacao butter, cannabutter, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa, cane sugar, milk powder, almond bark.


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