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Birthday Cake Diamonds are a robust Indica dominant hybrid concentrate. Produced from fresh frozen flowers that were picked at their height of maturity, these diamonds tap into the flavor of sweet tropical fruit. Shine on you crazy diamond! Birthday Cake’s flavor and sauce profile produce a heady combination of nutty vanilla and skunk. Expressing a delicious floral scent with a high that’s deeply relaxing, these concentrates should be approached with respect.

Watermelon Zkittles Diamonds are an Indica dominant hybrid that evokes the lazy days of summer. Potent, delicious, and easy to store for later use, these high-end concentrates help remind the consumer how sweet and relaxing summer can truly be. Extracted from fresh frozen flowers at their peak of ripeness. A flavorful treat regardless of the season, these precious diamonds come loaded with a sweet melon flavor that offers a lemon-lime kicker. One quick caveat, these diamonds are potent and powerful — so dab sparingly.

Berry Crepes Diamonds – a syrupy treat that helps inspire your day! Solid and saucy, the THC crystalline structures present a yellowish, semi-transparent mixture of THCA diamonds and terp sauce. Coveted for its flavorsome vape of brown sugar, blueberries, and sweet cake, these crepes are an Indica leaning Hybrid extract that helps establish a relaxed headspace. Drop the fork and grab the rig – these Berry Crepes Diamonds are your new late-night go-to treat for the mind.

Motor Breath Diamonds are crafted from fresh frozen flowers, lean heavily towards the Indica side of the spectrum, and are guaranteed to put the mental engine in neutral. Because these extracts are produced utilizing freshly harvested plant material, the taste is substantially more nuanced than its dried flower counterpart. Loaded with a refreshing floral sweetness and lemon-gas undertones, Motor Breath’s high THC-A content should be treated with due respect.


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