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Online Sales


CannabysInc, a division of the Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC) is a socially responsible retailer which abides by the provisions of the Control and Sale of Cannabis Act in Newfoundland and Labrador, which specifies that all customers purchasing non-medical cannabis in Newfoundland and Labrador must be at least nineteen (19) years of age.  CHECK 25, CannabysInc’s identification verification program, mandates that all Licensed Cannabis Retailer (LCR) employees check age verification of all customers who appear to be 25 years of age or less.   Age Verification will also be applied to online sales, as in order to shop on, customers must be at least 19 years of age.  As such, customers must be prepared to present valid identification when their purchase is delivered to their home.  By submitting an order for products, the customer represents that he or she is 19 years of age or older and is not purchasing product for anyone who is younger than 19 years of age.  When customer personally signs for the products ordered, he or she will be required to present proof of age.  Acceptable proof includes a valid driver’s license, passport, citizenship card, out of Province health card, Secure Certificate of Indian Status or Canadian Citizen Certificate.

Online Product Availability

Not all products listed by CannabysInc are available for purchase online.  A select offering is available and availability is not guaranteed.  The list available for purchase online is subject to change without notice and, as such, CannabysInc  shall not be liable for inventory shortages and will make every effort to keep the product list and inventory levels current.


The prices indicated on include applicable sales tax and are the same as the prices in CannabysInc stores.  CannabysInc reserves the right to adjust prices as required at any time and is not required to give customers advance notice.  All prices listed are in US dollars and include all applicable taxes.

Payment Options

Payment must be made by Bitcoin, Western Union, VISA or MasterCard.  Please complete the credit card section at the checkout page in full.  CannabysInc uses a payment gateway provider’s server to act as the link between CannabysInc and CannabysInc’s financial institution.  CannabysInc does not store any credit card information on its systems.

By submitting your order, you represent that you are authorised to use the designated credit card and you authorise CannabysInc to charge the order to that credit card.  When entering billing information during the checkout process, you must enter the billing address associated with your credit card.  CannabysInc reserves the right to obtain authorisation from the issuer of that credit card and reserves the right to decide to accept any proposed credit card transaction.

Delivery Service

CannabysInc does not guarantee delivery time of any order. Delivery costs may vary among Licensed Producers (LPs).

Customers will be given an expected delivery time frame when order is completed online.  Note that orders must be paid in full before delivered to destination.

To enquire about your order status, cancelling an order, to report an incomplete/missing order, broken/defective product and/or receiving a refund PLEASE CONTACT US.



CannabysInc attempts to ensure that the information on is accurate.  However, no warranty of accuracy is expressed or implied.  CannabysInc expressly reserves the right to correct errors and to change or update information on the website at any time without notice.  If a product offered on the website is not as described, your only remedy is to return it for refund.  In the event of an error in an order confirmation, in processing an order, in delivering a product or otherwise, CannabysInc reserves the right to correct the error and revise your order accordingly or to cancel the order and to refund any amount charged to you.  Your only remedy in the event of an error is to cancel your order and to obtain a refund.

Modifications and Discontinuance

Any content posted on is subject to modification at any time without notice.  CannabysInc reserves the right to modify prices, delivery rates, delivery schedules and products available for online purchase at any time.  CannabysInc may discontinue or suspend, temporarily or permanently, any presently available products at any time without prior notice.