Dutch Passion were the first to bring original Blueberry cannabis seeds to Europe after meeting the creator DJ Short in the USA. The genetics were eagerly received and soon gathered a cult following who loved the deliciously sweet Blueberry flavours and the soul-soothing effects. Many still claim that Blueberry has the most relaxing high of them all. Soon after she arrived in Europe the Blueberry legend was born and with it came some world class Blueberry crosses. Here are the top-5 Blueberry crosses as well as the main reasons for their popularity!

Blueberry: a connoisseur’s delight since the seventies!

In the early days of the cannabis community, back in the 70’s, there were limited genetic options available to growers. Cannabis was arriving in Amsterdam from various countries and was often seeded allowing early collectors of cannabis genetics, including Dutch Passion, to gather a wide selection of genetics from around the world.

High quality new cannabis genetics were particularly valuable, and at the time few offered better bag appeal than original Blueberry with blue/purple hues in the buds, a delicious taste/smell and a banging high that was not easily forgotten.

DJ (David John) Short was an early contact of Dutch Passion and provided the first Blueberry seeds for European evaluation. These were grown in The Netherlands and the early Dutch Passion crew loved the fruity taste and powerful high.

The effects were satisfyingly enjoyable with a long lasting high. Dutch Passion knew these genetics were genuinely special and set about improving and crossing them. Today, decades later, the Blueberry legend lives on with some Grade-A Blueberry hybrids for you to enjoy.

Best cannabis strains with the original Blueberry genetics

Original Blueberry is indica dominant, with around 80% of the genetics being indica in origin. Blueberry is a 3-way cross between an Afghani Indica with sativa heritage from sativa Thai and an Oaxacan (Mexican) Sativa. These are cannabis cup winning genetics with literally thousands of repeat growers.

Blueberry THC levels are very high, yields are medium but the effects are blissfully pleasurable and genuinely memorable. For many, the euphoric, blissful and relaxing effects just can’t be beaten. Decades after her release Blueberry and her crosses are still found in the Amsterdam coffee shops. Far from fading into cannabis history, the Blueberry legend seems to be more alive than ever as more and more new growers discover Blueberry (and her best crosses) for themselves.

Glueberry OG cannabis seeds, taking Blueberry genetics to the next level


Perhaps one of the best-ever Blueberry crosses is Glueberry OG. These are feminised cannabis seeds that blend Blueberry with the legendary OG Kush and Gorilla Glue #4. Part of the acclaimed USA cannabis seed collection, Glueberry OG is a cannabis cup winner in her own right. The powerhouse genetics combine epic potency/resin levels and the hybridisation with the USA cannabis genetics takes yields to genuine XL levels.

Anyone seeking a heavy yielding Blueberry cross with searing potency will struggle to find a better strain than Glueberry OG. Fans of autoflower seeds should also check out Auto Glueberry OG. The slightly longer-than-average seed-to-harvest time of 12 weeks for Auto Glueberry OG assures the grower of a particularly heavy harvest.