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Can’t make it out of the house today? Don’t worry because we deliver! You can easily buy your cannabis online for pre-order or same-day delivery from the Shop page where you can browse our vast selection of products easily on any device. After superb product advice, our top priority is to provide our customers with the most secure, reliable, and safe marijuana online dispensary shopping experience possible. Not sure what to try? You can check the staff picks for suggestions, or you can call or message us for some cannabis advice before you buy marijuana online.


Cannabys INC specializes in a variety of concentrates. Live concentrates are made with fresh frozen flower which keeps cannabinoids at peak levels and preserve the delicious aromatic terpenes and flavonoids, giving the ultimate taste experience. Live Rosin is a solventless refinement process that presses hash between two heated metal plates. The results are a gorgeous golden-white or yellow oil or budder. Live Rosin Sauce takes the process a step further to create crystalline THC (diamonds).  Terpene-rich oil is then reintroduced to the diamonds making a savory sauce. We also sell the best vape cartridges and disposables online.  A nug of the quality flower is dipped in premium hash oil (Live Rosin or Refined CO2 Oil) and rolled in live bubble hash.

Pre Rolls

The convenience of pre-rolled joints can’t be beat! These are considered one of the most popular forms for enjoying cannabis. Cannabys Inc. offers a wide selection of pre-rolls filled with the finest variations of cannabis.
 We believe the best pre-rolls offer a moment of unconditional enjoyment, just like a hike through the dunes. That’s why we make Beach Walkers in a convenient 0.5g size packaged in an airtight tin. Only premium flower, always expertly crafted.


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