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What is rosin? As mentioned briefly in our previous “Solventless” post, there are two main types of rosin. Flower Rosin and Hash Rosin. We focus specifically on Hash Rosin at 710labs. One day we may bring you a flower rosin product but for now let’s stick with Hash Rosin, which is a further refined product of Water Hash.

The Water Hash is packed into small mesh screen bags and put onto a slightly heated mechanical press machine similar to a t shirt printing press. These small bags are then squeezed until the resin seeps thru the screens into a typically light golden sappy oil referred to as rosin. Before the water hash is packed into the screen bags it is separated based on the screen size it was collected from when washed in the cold room. We focus on the squishing 40u, 90u, and 150u micron sized trichome heads for our rosin. Our 40u and 150u heads are then pressed into our Live Rosin. Our 90u, if determined to be fullmelt quality, is pressed into our Persy Rosin. Who is Persy? We will talk more about that in a future post.

Rosin (both live and persy) in its natural form, like Water Hash, is a very unstable product. This light golden sappy oil will quickly turn into a dry budder if not kept at cold temperatures. Because of this, there are a few ways we manipulate the rosin or change our pressing process in order to create our Rosin Sap and Persy Sauce. Our Rosin Sap is a very stable form of our rosin in a honey like consistency and very flavorful. One of our favorite things to do with rosin sap is dip our other dabs into it or spread it onto joints for an additional high and new flavor experience. Persy Sauce is another form of our persy rosin. Squished at lower temperatures in a more intricate process then our other rosin extraction methods plus a short cold curing process results producing a very flavorful and 100% stable rosin extract. This form of our persy features a separation of terpenes into a liquid and a crystallization of thca into solid crystals, then recombined into your jar. What’s cold curing? This refers to the process in which our rosin sits in a sealed container for an extended period of time at cool temperatures which causes a pressure build up that separates the thca from the liquid terpenes and other cannabinoids. Questions? Hit us up!


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