Durban Poison Cannabis


The global favorite, Durban Poison, is a pure sativa cannabis strain that’s known for its pleasurable sweet, earthy and piney smell and flavor that leaves a citrusy aftertaste. Its buds are chunky and round, layered in a thick cover of trichomes and over-sized resin glands throughout when harvest-ready.

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Durban Poison came from South Africa, specifically, from the city of Durban. It was discovered by a cannabis aficionado who later took it to the United States for experimentation during the 70’s. This is a pure landrace Sativa, which means it can activate and spark creativity as well as provide an energetic, euphoric feeling. This strain has a rich cannabinoid and terpene content, making it great for both therapeutic and recreational use.


Durban Poison produces a clear-headed and cerebral high, which hits the users immediately. As it creeps in, you’ll begin to perceive sights and sounds differently, as well as feel a spark of energy. You may feel motivated to pursue a creative endeavor, such as begin a new painting or poetry piece. Durban Poison is a perfect strain for creatives and those looking to create an environment of peaceful reflection. As the high progresses, you’ll begin to feel a bit of a stronger buzz within your mind, with the energy levels peaking and then slowly decreasing for the next couple of hours. Because of the user’s ability to focus and form complex thoughts during Durban Poison’s experience, this strain is great when shared with friends or ingested alone! It’s recommended that this strain be used during the daytime, given how it can make your thoughts race.

Appearance and Flavor

The plants themselves grow to be up to 12 feet, thanks to its pure sativa lineage. Durban Poison’s buds also look like those of a traditional sativa: light green and formed into an elongated spade shape. They are medium to above average in size, filled with sticky resin, and blanketed with THC rich trichomes. When you’re breaking up the buds, you can expect a pungent, diesel smell to fill the room. As you’re inhaling, Durban Poison will grace your palate with strong gassy notes, as well as undertones of pine and sweet licorice.

Medical Benefits

Because of its pure sativa lineage, Durban Poison lends itself better to treating mental conditions, rather than physical ones. Durban Poison is effective in alleviating depression and anxiety, given its ability to create a burst of energy and boosted mood within the user. As the waves of euphoria ripple in, the patient is able to let go of stressors and potential worries concerning their life situation, drifting away to a calm and happy state of mind. Many reported feeling at ease once they had ingested Durban Poison, which is why this strain can really help those suffering from PTSD. For those who have ADHD, this strain can foster a sense of mindfulness and help the user have control over their ability to focus. As mentioned previously, Durban Poison is best consumed during the day, given how much energy it can produce!


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