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Heavy Hitters is one of the original California cannabis companies and is famous for their high-quality vapes. But, that’s not all they do. They also make a line of gummies, live resin, and concentrates. It’s all only available in the state of California. This company is dedicated to quality and purity, so they’re passionate about their process. In short, they’re not messing around.

Their packaging gets to the point, with a logo that falls somewhere between Jack Daniels and biker-chic. But don’t let their edge fool you. Heavy Hitter products exceed California’s safety standards (while still packing a punch).

Heavy Hitters is best known for its cold-filtered high-potency vape cartridges. It’s what inside that counts, and what’s inside these is over 95% THC, no fillers, no solvents, and no cutting agents. They’re formulated to have over 90% concentrate in each cartridge.

If you’re new to Heavy Hitters, it’s about time you treated yourself! Canna Culture Collective is stoked to stock Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid in strains like Lava Cake and Durban Poison. Each cartridge holds a gram of vaping pleasure. Because it’s so pure, you’ll find that these cartridges really last. They’re compatible with a 510 thread battery for ultimate convenience.


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