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STIIIZY is one of the biggest names in cannabis in California. They are a premium lifestyle brand that’s based out of LA that has a celebrity look and feel. Most widely known for their concentrate products, STIIIZY also seeks to represent the busy, yet chill mentality of Californians. The founder, James Kim, built the company under the three pillars “Influence, Innovate, Inspire.” In less than five years they’ve been able to become a thriving cannabis company with operations in multiple states. You can find their products in California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Washington State.

Whether it’s vapes, concentrates, edibles, flower, or pre-rolls, STIIIZY has been providing our customers with consistency and quality. Tree Factory has always kept a wide array of STIIIZY products available to our customers because they maintain an equally high standard. Visiting any one of STIIIZY’s retail locations is an experience in and of itself. Their dispensaries often feature visual and interactive art installations as well as vape customization bars.

If you’re just starting out with cannabis, STIIIZY might be one of the most accessible brands to begin your journey with. Their vape cartridges and batteries are some of the easiest to find throughout the state. Their cartridges are affordable and come with high-quality cannabis oil that never misses its mark. With any of the cannabis products STIIIZY makes, they maintain the same consistency. We’ve put together a complete guide to STIIIZY’s products at Tree Factory to help anyone get more familiar with this widely popular, multi-state, celebrity-endorsed brand.


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