Skywalker OG


Lineage: Skywalker and OG Kush

Genetic Ratio: 85% indica – 15% sativa

THC Content: 18-26%

Common Effects: relaxation, sleep induction, sedation, pain relief, calming, light-headedness.

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Skywalker OG is a powerhouse cannabis strain. Hailing from California, this Indica-dominant strain is sure to leave you properly stoned with just a couple of puffs. As an Indica-leaning strain, I expected couch lock and sedation, but instead, felt energized and adventurous.

Skywalker OG may not have the bag appeal of a larger and denser flower bud, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for in aroma and effect. As one of the most popular California strains, Skywalker OG, unfortunately, requires smell-proof containers to keep its sweet and diesel-like aroma in check.

Made In a Galaxy Far Away

Skywalker OG might as well have originated in a distant and cosmic land because you’ll be on cloud 9 when you consume any Skywalker OG strain or infused product. Skywalker OG is the cross between Skywalker and OG Kush strains.  Skywalker’s parents, Mazar and Blueberry strains, give Skywalker OG its irresistibly sweet aroma.

OG Kush’s Chemdawg characteristics give Skywalker OG a citrus and diesel zing that makes this strain one of the most potent and pungent in the market.

Cosmic Potency

When I vaped Skywalker OG flower on my Pax, the effects came on fast and strong. That’s because Skywalker OG strains average around 25% THC. You can find lower and higher potency cultivars between 15 and 30% THC, depending on your needs. Needless to say, first-time users should be careful with Skywalker OG.

Skywalker OG lacks any considerable CBD. You’ll find less than 1% in most strains meaning the THC content will take you to the moon and back. As an 85/15 Indica hybrid strain, Skywalker OG gave me a strong, but manageable high that allowed me to function.

Sweet Diesel and Pine

Skywalker OG is all about the terpenes. Hiding within its snow-white trichomes are aromatic essential oils like humulene, alpha-pinene, myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, and bisabolol. The concoction of aromas creates an other-worldly herbal, spicy, and earthy kick.

My Skywalker OG had a particularly sweet and piney scent tempered by its invigorating diesel smell. The exhale was neutral if a bit, citrusy.

Popcorn Bud Vibes

My Skywalker OG came in small, popcorn buds, but they were extremely pungent. Even after a couple of weeks stored in an airtight container in one of my drawers, the Skywalker OG was green and had plenty of trichomes on its surface.

When breaking it apart, it was sticky and crumbly. Be prepared to have great-smelling fingertips afterward. Skywalker OG had sparse brown and orange hairs, also known as pistils, throughout its leaves.

On Cloud 9

Skywalker OG gave me a pleasant, relaxing, and euphoric high. My body was relaxed and I was able to concentrate on tasks and be productive. There were no feelings or paranoia or anxiety. After finishing one entire Pax oven-load by myself, I was completely and immediately at ease which sustained me for a couple of hours.

Skywalker OG is known as a pain-relieving and sleep-inducing Indica hybrid, but I felt energized, calm, and adventurous since I was traveling at the time. Perhaps my specific batch was a lower-end THC strain.

Don’t miss your chance to try some pine and citrus-smelling Skywalker OG. Just make sure to keep some snacks and drinks by your side. Watch your favorite sci-fi flick or microdose just a couple of puffs and do some work at home. Skywalker OG will always deliver a potent high that’s perfect for moderate or heavy users.


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